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Long Island Ice and Snow Melt System

Why Use External Ice Melt & Snow Melt Systems?

Ice Melt and Snow Melt systems are becoming very popular in both residential homes and businesses. Here are some common situations where Ice Melt / Snow Melt can be used.

1. To eliminate the need for labor intensive shoveling high-end homeowners install the systems in all their exterior paving including driveways, sidewalks, steps, and patios.

2. To prevent accidents and save on snow and ice removal costs, homeowners who can’t afford to install snow melt systems in all their exterior paving only use them in unsafe spots where snow falls and accumulates frequently which can easily cause accidents.

3. To reduce removal costs and accident liability business owners use snow melt systems in outdoor malls, parking lots, car washes, walkways, and loading ramps to reduce labor costs, protect customer and client safety.


Common Questions AWS Mechanical can answer:

  • What does ice and snow melt system cost to install in Long Island?
  • Do we install Roof Ice and snow melt system?
  • Are snow and ice melt systems safe?

Are Ice & Snow Melt System Expensive?

External Ice Melt & Snow Melt System Installation Long IslandA few factors impact the cost of a ice / snow melting job

  1. Size of job: Bigger jobs take more time and in general cost more money.
  2. Local utility costs and availability:The costs and the availabilities of electricity and other utilities, such as oil, gas and solar are different nationwide.
  3. Avarage total hours of snowfall:The avarage hours and total accumulated snowfalls vary greatly nationwide.The areas where there are more snows need bigger jobs and higher operating costs.
  4. The speed of snow melting user wants: The sooner, the higher costs.


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